I was originally going to do a Thai language study but I was reminded of something my wife said. She encouraged me to give time to God. and so this is what I am doing.

BLB – Day by Day August 29

I have learned today that I should trust God more. Todays reading from Numbers 14:6-9
tells about Joshua and Caleb having returned from spying out the Promised Land. They are reminding the people not to be rebellious. I’d not thought of it this way before although in this passage it is quite clear. “…do not rebel against the LORD.” [v9] To not trust is to rebel. It’s quite sobering. We think we’re OK when we are actually rebelling by not trusting.

Using man’s wisdom the other spies saw the enemy and thought, “We can not overcome them.” I think I use worldly wisdom too much too.

This also fits in so well with something Greg was sharing with me this morning. He shared about David and how he trusted God through so much – even while Saul was chasing him wanting to kill him.

Cutting this short but I just want to say that God is so Awesome. how he brings these things into our lives to teach us.


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