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I have decided to start this blog as an online devotional journal for myself. It is not really intended for anyone to read it so if no one does, that’s okay. It’s really for my own benefit. If someone happens to come by and have a read, well, that’s okay too – and feel free to make comments. we’ll see where it takes us.

I’d like to start with mentioning this site – Topical Bible. With it’s “What does the Bible say about ______.” I think I’ll find this useful in my journey. I hope you do too.

I used this tonight to look at the word motivation. I found a lot of helpful verses. Some that, at first glance seem to contradict but after looking into it I realize that it depends on what is driving your motivation as to weather it’s seen as a good thing or a bad thing.

We are all fighting a battle within ourselves and, like I heard in a sermon recently, it depends which dog we feed. The illustraion goes like this – there is a old Indian chief telling a story about how each of us have 2 dogs, a good dog and a bad dog. Sometimes it seems like the good dog is winning other times it appears like the bad dog is winning. till one of the tribal members asks, “so, how do you know which one will win?” To which the chief reply’s, “It depends which dog you feed.” – It’s so true, isn’t it! – Let’s feed our good dog.

Till next time….

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