Art vs Design

This topic has long been debated and I wanted to start my own thread on this to discuss. Firstly, I’ve heard it said that art has no purpose. Well, if there is no purpose then why would an artist create art? Sometimes art is interpreted differently than what the artist had intended. That is a risk the artist must take at time in communicate in that medium. We must be purposeful in our delivery if the message we have is intensional and important enough. Art combined with story (history) is incredibly powerful. —— If Art were a person what would you say? —— 7 Reasons the Arts are Important They are languages that all people speak that cut across racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers and enhance cultural appreciation and awareness. They provide opportunities for self-expression, bringing the inner world into the outer world of concrete reality. They develop both independence and collaboration. They make it possible to use personal strengths in meaningful ways and to bridge into understanding sometimes difficult abstractions through these strengths. They improve academic achievement — enhancing test scores, attitudes, social skills, critical and creative thinking. They exercise and develop higher order thinking skills including analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and “problem-finding.” They provide the means for every student to learn. from 7 Reasons the Arts are Important by ——

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