SOS Wyong

What started out as a Logo design for SOS Wyong developed into a series of logos and then a Web theme and site. The latest addition is a night theme & SOS Wyong will remains an ongoing project. SOS – Footy Black T-Shirt by jyther

“The Steps” Project

The front steps of our house needed replacing. So we had planned to build new ones. [gview file=””] The wood was bought the weekend before Before we start The timber is rotting Everyone is up at 7 and we’re ripping off the old steps We’re cutting the supports for the Read more…

Infoblue Marketing

This project, was started as static pages back in 2006. As time progressed the client wanted a new look and to have more in the website. Then at the beginning of 2008 I discussed with them the need for a second website. Up to this point their website had Read more…

Bonbonniere Box

This Project began with the request to do wedding invitations, Order-of-service, and menus. In the process I thought of the idea to make a Bonbonniere Box that could double as a placecard for the table setting. Knife file below. [gview file=””]

Wood Turned Teaset

This was my major work in Wood Work class for my final year of school. The reason for choosing to do this project was that I could demonstrate a diverse range of skill. From joinery work, to wood turning and hand carving of the spout and handles.